By Creating Polls Within A Conversation

By Creating Polls Within A Conversation

How to calculate employee retention? Want to know if you have a good employee retention rate ? Use this simple formula from Upwork to calculate your annual employee retention rate: What is considerd a good employee retention rate ? That depends on your industry and a number of other factors. But in general, the higher the better! Why do so many companies struggle to retain top talent? If you’re struggling with low employee retention and high staff turnover, you’re not alone.

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According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual attrition rate (the number of employees who leave their jobs voluntarily) has Latest Mailing Database increasd from It is the so-calld “Great Resignation” that can be felt all over the world. While there is debate as to when this “Big Cancellation” began, whether pre-Covid or in Spring 2021, it is well underway and shows no signs of stopping. According to reports, 23% to 44% of employees plan to quit in the next year.

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Why are employees leaving their jobs? As our guest Annabelle Roberts said on our Welcome to the New Normal podcast series, “It’s the  big reassessment “. People are evaluating their work-life balance and looking for opportunities that better AWB Directory match their neds. Dissatisfid with their jobs and not wanting to go back to pre-pandemic pre-pandemic levels, workers are resigning in droves. There are a few obvious and not-so-obvious reasons for this.

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