The training is intended for people

The training is intended for people

The training want to obtain a subsidy for export development and product promotion? Fill out the contact form and tell us your needs, and we will try to identify. Opportunities for EU support accordingly. This is good news for entities implementing EU projects under which EU rules for granting state aid apply. Amendments to the EU Block Exemption Regulation have been officially adopt! First of all, in order to support digital and ecological development. For which state aid funds are grant, GEBR will be valid for a -year longer period until December.

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A new definition of R&D One of the most important. Changes is the introduction of a new definition of industrial research and experimental development Photo Retouching work. First of all, it includes areas of digital development. Industries and digital technologies such as supercomputing, quantum technologies, blockchain technologies, artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, big data and cloud-relate technologies or edge computing technologies. The entire definition is as follows: R&D research research and development work. The introduction of a new definition is particularly important and justifie, because in the new financial perspective.

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There are more and more subsidies relate to the development of new digital technologies, their use and implementation in enterprise operations. We have AWB Directory already talk about digital development and transformation many times and we believe that this is an area that will evolve over the years. We can already see how artificial intelligence is being introduce into everyday life and the everyday activities of enterprises. Recognizing the role of digital technologies, including artificial intelligence, should make it easier for entrepreneurs with innovative IT ideas to apply for subsidies.

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