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Personal data protection ( kvkk ) to the expansion. Of companies’ areas of responsibility. In particular, the fact that. The internet has become almost unthinkable as the use of a natural resource and is used in. All areas and at any time in the ordinary flow of life brings with it the risks. Of data production and flow getting out of control, thus violating many rights. On this occasion, while the responsibilities of both individuals and companies are expanding. The task of clearly determining the boundaries of these areas and ensuring that they. Are sustainable, problem-free and that possible grievances that may arise can be. Prevented primarily falls on legal regulations. In this context, it is an inevitable necessity. To thoroughly examine, understand and implement.

The current regulations

Decisions that directly address the issue, as well as the guarantees provided by international texts, constitutional and criminal law. Although the B2B Email List protection of personal data has a history dating back to the 1980s in terms of its international dimension, it has a very new and evolving appearance, especially in terms of integration into legal systems, in other words, taking its place in domestic laws and making it functional. It should be noted that this right to protection is an issue that needs to be addressed with sensitivity, in the light of both the law, the regulation and even the decisions made within the board. Likewise, only in this way can people’s rights and obligations and what needs to be done be understood. Before moving on to international and national regulations regarding the protection of personal data.

We think it is appropriate to focus

The concepts of ‘person’, ‘personality’ and ‘data’ in general and then understand what personal data is. In the continuation of the study, we will first discuss the AWB Directory need for personal data protection and the international dimension and historical development of the instruments that provide this protection, and then what the legislation in our country consists of. Protection of Personal Data: Concepts Person and Personality First of all, it should be noted that when it comes to person, it should not only be understood as a real person, but this concept also includes legal entities. Considering that our subject includes companies, that is, legal entities, understanding the concept is important for a better understanding of the legislation. The view of the person, which is essentially a legal concept.

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