Artificial Intelligence can be

Artificial Intelligence can be. The most attention follow by orange and yellow. While colors such as black and white. Which have always been us to create detachment and formality. THE PROMINATION IS MALE It seems, in fact. The presence of male faces and figures in the background records much higher conversion rates + compare to ads featuring women as protagonists. ANIMAT VS STATIC animate VS static.jpg The choice of the type of banner, static or animate, depends greatly on. The nest and the promotion you want to propose. However, when creating your next marketing strategy. Remember that animate banners convert more than static ones.

AI Tools for Copywriting

Gaining seconds of viewing by online users. STIMULATE A NE stimulate photo editing servies ne.jpg No matter how innovative and effective your product is, to be sold it nes to stimulate a ne and gain attention. The data agrees completely. Ads that choose to feature the product prominently, especially while you’re using it, have proven successful on all fronts. LOGO PLACEMENT Often the choice of where. To place the company logo creates doubts and perplexities, but the results speak for themselves. The ads that record excellent conversion rates + are those in which. The company logo occupies the bottom corner to the left.

What are the benefits of using AI

BLOGS How to put content at the center of a marketing strategy. Publication date The fundamental AWB Directory rules for creating valuable content Digital has revolutionize the way of developing content. Sites and relationships, changing traditional advertising planning methods. Today the market is flood with a surplus of content and this has given rise. To a deficit of attention on the part of consumers, who are increasingly committee to remaining at. The forefront and giving their opinion on products and services. This means that the only way for companies to reach. The public and distinguish their voice among.

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