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Wins the IKA in the B B category Publication date. The prestigious award won makes us proud and pushes. Us to continue giving our support to companies that intend. To improve and win in the digital sector The twenty second it ion of the Interactive Key Award. The digital communication festival sponsor by IAB Italia and organize by. The Mia Key Group , end on May. Many projects present during the event which manage to capture. The interest and which were evaluate by. A jury of industry experts, including marketing directors of Italian companies, creative directors.


Communication experts and journalists from specializ newspapers. Among these, the projects photo iting servies present by our digital agency which reach. The final, obtaining nominations out of. One of the three was award the prize as winner in the B B category. Here they are specifically The Cardias Richetite Group’s. New corporate website with integrat Virtual Tour won over the judges in several respects. Its minimalist and product orient design is certainly. One of its strong points, as is the Digital experience Platform. The base of the site Evelin which allows total management of the contents. Relat contents and touchpoints present on the page.

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The real novelty of the project was the motivation behind its AWB Directory development. Cardias Richetite Group, with the support of Blog and the visual. Agency Suprema , was able to react in the best possible. Way to the pandemic crisis of the last year, creating a new commercial tool. Capable of make up for physical travel; connect the professional with. The interest user and guide him to discover the products within a D environment. Facilitate the professional’s work in composing a memory sheet or quote for.The potential prospect. In short, a project that mark the beginning of a new era for.

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