Amazon will identify the code and

Amazon will identify the code and

The seller will affix the code on the product packaging. warehouse, confirm that it is genuine before it can be put into the warehouse. FBA follow-up sellers cannot obtain codes, goods cannot enter Amazon warehouses for sale, and they will also be required to provide code certification when self-shipping and follow-up sales. anti-counterfeiting protection to brands so that consumers can verify product authenticity and provide consumers with transparent product information.

After registering for the transparency

Registration requirements: First, you must be a Brand owner and successfully carry out brand registration 2.0. The trademark requirement for successful brand  Phone Number List registration on Amazon is the R mark. Cost: USD 0.05/piece Requirements for follow-up sales: plan, you can also be followed up for sale, but if you follow up the sale, you need to submit at least 20 anti-counterfeiting label codes.

This plan is also designed to promote

Phone Number List

In this way, unless we allow it, we will no longer be followed up by others. Amazon Project Zero The advantage of the Zero Plan is that sellers and brands can delete listings of suspected fake and shoddy products directly on Amazon without Amazon’s review. the comprehensive elimination  AWB Directory of counterfeit infringing products, so it is called “ Plan Zero”. However, the Zero Plan is currently invitation-only, so we can choose the Transparent Plan first to follow up on the sales.

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