Your Campaign Strategy Is in Place Before

Your Campaign Strategy Is in Place Before

The most important email engagement metrics to track are: open rates and repeat open rates; read, skim, and delete rates; link click rates; click-through rates; click-to-open rate (ctor); conversion rates; and email bounce rates. Each piece of data tells you specific information about campaign performance as well as what your list is going to find engaging. Monitoring email engagement helps you fine-tune your email marketing strategy to reach exactly who you want, how you want, and when you want. We’ll expand on each of these metrics and give you some tips on how to improve each metric in the sections below.

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Email open rates and repeat open rates: One of the first metrics email marketers look at is the number of people who open an email. Your analytics tool may tally this in total opens or unique opens, the difference being that unique opens don’t include business database repeat opens by the same contact. A common industry benchmark is that average email opens hover between 20% and 30%. But the best thing to do is look at where your email open rates stand now and work to improve them. Of course, tracking open rates isn’t as simple as it us to be. Apple’s 2021 Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) allows Apple mMailusers to hide information about when, where, and how they open emails.

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However, this just means you have to look beyond open rates to determine email marketing strategies. WWe’lldiscuss a few more below. Click-through rates and click-to-open rates: once someone has open your email, the next step is to actually AWB Directory follow your call-to-action. Clicks are some of the most important metrics you can track for your emails because that’s where you find out if your subscribers are really interest in your email or not. There are two main ways to track clicks: the click rate and click-through rate (ctr) and the click-to-open rate (ctor).

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