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But what if you’re not a photographer and you don’t have a designer at your disposal? You’ve guessed it, you can use stock photos but I should immediately warn you… Using stock images the wrong way can seriously damage your conversion rates! How Stock Photos Can Seriously Damage Your Conversion Rates Anybody.

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Mover? Anybody looking for a trustworthy mover? Studies have shown over and over again that purely decorative “feel good” images get ignored and that Romania B2B List landing pages with stock photos get lower conversions than landing pages with authentique photos. That is because stock photos have one big.

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Perfect. In stock photo world, nobody sweats at the gym, everybody shakes hands in front of huge skyscrapers under a bright blue sky and dentists make fortunes on teeth whitening. These pictures scream NOT CREDIBLE associated with the page and the website we find them on. Key Takeaway Do not use free or paid stock photos of people on your website or landing pages. Use real, authentic, professional photos of you or your AWB Directory team. Your visitors want to be able to relate to the pictures.

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