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Why does Peru ne good teachers? Learn about other main reasons here. svg E Because approximately 17% of schools in Peru have only one teacher and 46% are multigrade schools at the basic ucation level, especially in rural areas. The more quality teachers or ucators we have, the more students will receive ucation in different subjects. With professional and successful teachers , the level of the academic world and, therefore, the level of the students grows. With better students, the future of the country is assur, since it is an essential pillar for the development of society.

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 It is not enough to build schools, distribute computers or invest in school books. Good teachers are the backbone of any ucational system and without their management, professionalism business lead and strategies, knowlge and practice would not reach the student’s mind. Because many lives depend on them. Just as a nurse, a nutritionist, a police officer or a firefighter can save lives, a good teacher does too. But not only in a person’s most difficult moment or when they are in serious condition, but throughout their life and training.

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 A teacher guides and transforms a human being, forges his foundations and contributes to the strengthening of his values ​​and abilities. Without a good teacher, the lives of many people AWB Directory are lost little by little, as well as the professional and successful future of those who ne it most: children and young people.Emile Michel Cioran was born in Romania, in a small town call Rasinari, in 1911, where he would remain until 1921 . From a very young age, he show himself to be a voracious reader.

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