This is how we started the article

This is how we started the article analyzed this phenomenon. The results state that 72% of young people use social media to observe what happens to their friends or famous people. 22%, however, declared that they never post any posts while 8%, a very low percentage, continue to post daily. Gen Z wants to move away from popularity that is measured in numbers of followers. He no longer loves aesthetically beautiful photos, he doesn’t look for “instagrammability” and he has no intention of counting how many likes a photo has received. The only thing that matters is spontaneity. “Feel good style” gives way to “f**k the world style”. Luxury brands land on Discord and Tikor If authenticity is what today’s young people are looking for on social media, Discord and Tic Tock are the two undisputed protagonists.

Discord is the messaging platform

It is precisely here, in fact, that users can find content that is increasingly true Qatar Phone Number Data and less studied than the glossy images of Instagram. Many brands have noticed that, in recent years, there has been a lack of direct conversation with the audience beneath the content. Tikor, on the other hand, represents an alternative model of content production and use. Here horizontality (i.e. all users post content and everyone watches other content) gives way to verticality creating a hierarchy between the creator and the audience who observes and interacts.  created to encourage direct contact between gamers.

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Luxury brands are leaving

the reasons for its positioning social media. But now the time AWB Directory has come to reshape this sentence. Brands don’t abandon social media, they simply use it differently. This is what François-Henri Pinault, CEO of the Kerning group to which Bottega Veneta belongs, also stated. The brand’s objective is to entrust its online communication to its fans, thus creating a unique and true relationship. Daniel Lee himself, creative director, despite his young age, does not have social media accounts and explains the positioning of the brand thus: “Bottega is a brand that speaks of sophisticated elegance. It’s almost about keeping quiet. It represents the silence amidst all the noise. For me, life is truly about living in the moment.“ Bottega Veneta was a pioneer brand of this new trend, but not the only one. Lush abandons social media: the reasons

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