They are defined in the most classic way

They are defined in the most classic way

Let’s see together, therefore, the importance of micro-data and how to make the most of them in terms of content! First, what is micro-data? Defined by Massimo Giacchino as traces and signals that people leave online, micro-data are nothing more than “pieces of us” that can be found in any platform we use and which tell something about us as a person. It can be a like, which tells us what we appreciate. A review.

Identification of the buyer personas

which tells why we chose a product and based on which variables Laos WhatsApp Number Data we evaluate it. Or again, a question asked on a search engine, from Google to YouTube, which tells us about a potential pain point or goal we wish to achieve. Every day we access the Internet, even if just for a few moments. And it is there, in that moment, or micro-moment, that we fill the online space with information that can be extremely important for brands that want to empathize with us, get to know us better and propose a solution to our problems. “We are what we click” and, therefore, micro-data is a gold mine for brands that want to empathize with potentially target people.

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From the analysis of the target and the

It is only when you really know someone and understand their AWB Directory driving forces that you can find interesting topics, useful resources and practical solutions to resolve pain points. And why are they useful for the editorial plan? First of all, if you want to learn more about the effective structure of an editorial plan, we recommend reading this article here. We are talking about that strategic document of fundamental importance.

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