The most famous boxes

The most famous boxes

This step is essential to ensure that your stories are not ignored. The topics to be discussed, in fact, must be well defined. Drawing an outline of what we want to address and how we want to do it is necessary to avoid going off topic. 5. Don’t take anything for granted Stories require an editorial plan and an ad hoc strategy. All this is essential to decide how you want to communicate through Ig Stories and above all what you want to tell.


In this article we have selected

This medium, especially in the latterImagine walking in a supermarket, among the Netherlands WhatsApp Number Data shelves full of products, what attracts you most? Besides the contents, it is the packaging that catches your attention. It’s like an elegant dress ready to tell a story, reflect the brand’s values and establish emotional connections with consumers. BY GIULIA PERNA COMMUNICATION, DIGITAL, MARKETING, SOCIAL MEDIA, UNCATEGORIZED jar of nutella Table of Contents The Nutella glass.

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Symbol of pop culture McDonald’s chips: contoured design AWB Directory Coca Cola glass bottles: once upon a time there was a cocoa bean The Pringles tube: against waste Pavesi drops and your day changes from “like this to like this” Don’t feel like reading? Try listening to the article in audio mode  Voiced by Amazon Polly Packaging can transform a simple object into a work of art, making it an unforgettable icon. Creativity plays a crucial role in this process and is often what makes the product unique and recognisable. In this article we have selected five of the most iconic packaging ever.  “iconic,” we mean

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