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Simply Be Entertaining Finally, the category that’s often forgotten: no links, no content,. You do not always need to find new and exciting stuff to send to your audience. Talk about your experiences, your opinions, your clients’ achievements,… Everybody loves a good story. As long as you’re clear about the feeling you want to to take after reading, you’ll find something.

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Why you think this is funny, amusing, …) Share a personal story about something that made you happy. Give something away for free or share a good tool/resource you found online Dare To Ask By asking your readers to do something, you turn your newsletter Finland B2B List in a conversation rather than an email blast. This can be pretty simple, just keep in mind the following rules: One Thing and One Thing Only You should only.

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Your email. What’s most important? For your readers to hit reply to the email? Or for them to follow you on Facebook? Choose one action par email. Be Super Specific You want your readers to comment on your blog post? Ask them a specific question and you’ll get more answers. If you want your readers to act, make sure they know exactly what to do. Make It Dead Easy AWB Directory Don’t make your readers jump to hoops to do what you want them to do. You want them to subscribe.

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