And the Creator in a Directly Engaging

And the Creator in a Directly Engaging

Positioning in the market and product categories . The 8 different industry groupings are luxury fashion. Premium fashion. Mass-market fashion. Luxury beauty. Premium beauty. Mass-market beauty. Watches & jewelry. And retailer . Benchmark-analysisby grouping flb brands into these different sectors. It is easier to identify relevant competitors using the 3 main competitive benchmark metrics. Starting with the evolution of the mia impact value™ . The evolution of mia impact value™ before talking about its evolution. Let’s see what mia impact value ™ is mia impact value™ ( miv® ) allows your brand to benchmark all marketing and communications

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Initiatives through a single industry measurement standard. Recogniz by the new york times. Le monde. Vogue. Wwd and forbes. Only to name a few. The miv® is compos of quantitative and qualitative attributes and is bas on a machine learning algorithm. Benchmark-analysis how does the “ miv® evolution” metric work in your benchmark Business database  analysis? Through a single measurement standard. The miv® becomes a reference value that makes it easy to compare your brand with the competition over time. The dashboard dicat to the analysis of the industry and the evolution of the miv® from year to year (yoy) . Indicates exactly how your brand and your reference industry have evolv over the last year. Kpi performance marketingfor example. Brand d

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Has record an annual miv® evolution of +15% and is part of the premium fashion segment. The premium fashion segment record an annual miv® increase of +5%. Which was calculat by taking the mian of the evolutions/changes of all the individual brands in this group. Therefore. The  AWB Directory evolution of the miv® indicates that brand d is performing above the industry average. With reference to the miv® . This data compares your brand to a broader industry perspective. Let’s say your brand’s miv® drops by 2%. But your target industry drops by 15%. Looking at the evolution of miv® could demonstrate that your brand is actually working quite well; in fact. All performances should always be analyz with relativity . Don’t forget that the evolution of the miv® can be

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