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The benefits of using an AI paraphrasing tool are numerous. AI-based paraphrasing tools are capable of analyzing and Read more 5 Elements You Must Have in l and mid-range businesses are using social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to  Read more How to Add Google Search Console to Your WordPress Website The way your website is displayed on search engines, especially giants like Google, can make a significant contribution Read more How To Make Attractive Video Content Let’s be honest: ? This can refer to a number of things, most commonly: The same content appearing more than once, often due to bad URL generation Two similar pieces of content fighting for the same keywords.

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Duplicate meta tags and data on different Special Data content, confusing Google searchbots. It goes without saying, then, that duplicate content is bad and can easily start to halt your SEO progress. So, here are 5 ways to fix duplicate content. Identify Duplicate Keywords When planning any new website, all pages should have their own focal keyword in mind. This will help you push each page in a specific direction, ensuring no two pages are targeting the same keyword (if they are, then it might be worth merging the two). Of course, this isn’t always possible in older, existing websites.

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As such, it’s common to find duplicate keywords. There are many AWB Directory online tools to showcase what pages are attracting what keywords. Sometimes, you might find that the page you want listed actually appears under a second page you weren’t aware of. The solution? Use your robots and index filing to redirect. Remove Duplicate Listings There are numerous listings services online and, much like search engines results, these can confuse Google. If it has to choose between duplicate listings, it will often display both at a much lower position. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools to identify and remove duplicate listings.

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