You will be surprised, but controlling the results of

You will be surprised, but controlling the results of

your winery’s marketing is much easier than it may seem at first. In fact, you only to follow the following 3 steps: 1º You will be , but controlling the results of PURSUE The objectives to be should be the first thing you have to think about and the first thing you must define. on the objectives you pursue, you will choose the marketing actions to carry out. Not the other way around, as is done. On the other hand, you will have heard many times that objectives must be concrete, measurable and achievable. In addition, I would add that they must be objectives to the income of your business. Getting visitors to the website or fans on the Facebook page are not business objectives. For example, your goal .

Could be to increase the number of bottles of

Your highest-wine sold by 20% in the next 6 months. It is a concrete objective, it can be and it could be achievable. In addition, it is clearly to your winery’s income . 2º DEFINE THE INDICATORS OU WILL USE TO MEASURE This is something that I like to do once I have ready the action plan that I will carry out to achieve the objectives that I have sons Country Email List so You will be , but controlling the results of that I can have help me assess not only the final results but also how they evolve and if I am on the right track. The indicators must be data thy obtain, either through the sales statistics that you usually carry out in your winery, or through the digital tools that you use. I’ll give you an example so you can see it more clearly.

Imagine that you set the goal of increasing the

Winery’s direct sales by 30% and to do so you have to launch an email marketing strategy to attract visits to the winery, as well as AWB Directory subscribers to the newsletter, them emails and finally sell them wine. You could define the following indicators: Conversion of the email capture forms (the of people who register after visiting the website and viewing You will be surprised, but controlling the results of each form) Number of new daily, weekly and monthly subscribers Number of weekly and monthly visits to the winery Email rate of conversion to sales of the subscriber list (of people who buy an email with product offers from the online store.

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