You want to achieve them

You want to achieve them

And now let’s get to the heart of the article . Going to the 4 tips we suggest for personal branding on LinkedIn. Ready? Tip 1 for your Personal Branding on LinkedIn Tip 1: Optimize your LinkedIn profile To be attractive to visitors to your profile there are some precautions to follow, let’s see them together. Ps. for this section of the article we will use as an example the profile of one of the two Founders of Marketing Espresso, Marco Honorato (: Profile picture When choosing your profile photo, we recommend that you choose a professional and simple shot.

If it is relevant to you

this will help make you immediately recognizable. Personal  Australia WhatsApp Number Data Branding on LinkedIn es.Photo As you can see, using photos in which we are portray during a public speech can bring interest in us by positioning ourselves as professional. Cover image Your cover image should be simple, eye-catching and reflective of you. Here too, that may confuse your role and your Personal Brand. A useful idea could be to create a graphic with a phrase that represents us. Summary Below your name will be the summary. This part is very important for optimizing your profile since what you write here will be used to index you in LinkedIn searches.

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Avoid using images

Personal-Branding-on-LinkedIn-Est So enter the keyword you AWB Directory want to be found for first (e.g. Strategy director, Social Media Manager, Project Manager). Subsequently you can decide to insert other roles you hold, as in the example in the photo. Or delve deeper into your current job position  specifying which role you hold and. In which company. Information section. In this section your aim is to tell your story Never appearing banal and repetitive in information that can found in other sections of LinkedIn.

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