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You may have dreamed of automated sources of income many times, but for some reason you have not started them. When you now read various success stories, you may very easily think that you shouldn’t even start because there is no room in the market. To this I want to say that I’m bullshitting. And by reading this post, you’ll see why I think so.

I break down the income streams

This is how I built myself several automated sources of income At the very beginning, I want to tell you what kind of income streams special data I currently have, so that you can get a better idea of ​​where the money actually comes from. After that,into parts and tell you how I have built that income stream. Finally, I will answer questions about whether it is already too late to start. I try to talk about things in as much detail as possible, but still concisely, so that the post does not become a kilometer long. What kind of income streams do I have (updated 4/6/2021)? Sales of e-books (sales revenue €47,559.89) .

This is how you do your first

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