You Have Switched to Working From Home in Your R&d/design Centers

You Have Switched to Working From Home in Your R&d/design Centers

On what date did you start the covid-19 process system? How do you follow up on people’s work? -how do you determine. Which project people are working on? Having topics will not only remind. You of the past in a possible future audit, but will also contribute to your central registry system. If r&d / design center personnel continue to work on their projects from their homes. They must fill out the away duty form, specifying the newly opened activity type covid-19. The thing that should not be overlooked in this form is the project code and name. As stated in other external assignment forms. If you have an activity tracking. System that you use within the scope of the home work carried out by r&d.

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The Covid-19 process, we recommend that you back up your records because this will provide good evidence for the Covid-19 process. If you do not have such a system, it would be useful to Fax Lists ask them to report the project work they have carried out with a certain systematic and archive it. If you are in an area of ​​activity where R&D/Design Center personnel cannot work from home and you have asked people to use their annual leave right, you should remember that you can only incentivize the number of days that the person is entitled to annual leave. As a company, you should not include the annual leave days that you have taken initiative in as an incentive, or if you have directly defined administrative leave for individuals, it would be better not to include these days in the incentive and full-time equivalent calculation.

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One of the supports provided to companies due to. Covid-19 is short-time working allowance. If you receive support in this regard. You should pay the person’s r&d/design days only on the days paid by your company. According to AWB Directory all these evaluations, if you cannot obtain 15 full-time. Equivalents for r&d centers (30 for exceptional nace codes) and 10 full-time equivalents. For design centers at the end of the month; for the march incentive. You can evaluate your 3-month average situation by taking into account the months of. January-february and march. As the albert solino family, we continue to. Announce to you the issues announced by our relevant ministries and to provide the necessary. Support to our companies for the new supports opened. 

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