With a tray of Coca-Cola

With a tray of Coca-Cola

create commercials. An example is certainly the night of the Super Bowl during which some of the most expensive commercials run. If you want to delve deeper into this topic, you can find an article from our blog that talks about it here. TV and the economic boom The war significantly slowed the rise of this new means of communication. In fact, we had to wait until the early 1950s to find new examples of television advertising. With the economic boom, brands began to understand the influence of this tool and created the first commercials, but not only that. Let’s see which strategies Coca Cola and Vitamix have exploited in particular. 1949: Vitamix airs the first teleshopping.

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Unlike all the other companies that we will see in this article, Vitamix Oman Phone Number Data chose not to create a commercial but a real demonstration. The company had been selling household appliances since 1921 and the founder, William “Papa” Barnard, had already begun touring the country showing customers his products. With the birth of TV he decided to propose the same format on television on a Cleveland channel. The teleshopping lasted about 30 minutes and showed its flagship product, the blender. Papa Barnard during a TV sale for the Vitamix blender It was the first teleshopping in television history. It was a huge success, which brought the company many sales.

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The Cleveland station began airing Papa Barnard’s infomercials weekly. Subsequently AWB Directory they expanded by also transmitting them to the state of New York. 1950: Coca Cola on TV during Thanksgiving One of the first television commercials was for Coca Cola which aired on Thanksgiving Day 1950. The advertisement begins with a group of 5 people around a table. On the table you can see the typical American Thanksgiving turkey. One of the two women comments on how the kitchen seems like a welcoming place and one of the men promptly replies “did you say hospitality?”. Meanwhile, she turns around opening the fridge to give each of the guests a bottle of Coke. One of the women, then,  bottles in her hand, advises the spectator to do as they do, and offer one to their guests. Finally, a voice-over tells the reasons why you always have bottles.

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