Who Does Good Through Their Work In Today

Who Does Good Through Their Work In Today

This is calld contextual targeting , which consists of offering targetd advertisements basd on the content of a site. Campagne Contextual Dynamic Ads Campagne Contextual Dynamic Ads For example, say you want to target people who read Canon Refex EOS 700D reviews. As an advertiser, you can choose to reach users in context, using the following keywords: “Canon Reflex EOS 700D” and “Canon Reflex EOS 700D review”. Previously, the most consistent way to target users was to create a set of Canon SLR-specific ad templates or create a generic.

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Creative ad relatd to “camera”. Today with contextual dynamic ads , you can create a unique pattern of ads . The Display network will take care of showing your Internet users the most relevant product with useful information such as price whatsapp mobile number list and promotions. In this example, your ad would directly display Canon’s Reflex EOS 700D product. What is the advantage of Contextual Dynamic Ads? The relevance of ads The first stage of the conversion funnel begins with awareness. How ? Showing more relevant ads on the Display Network, which helps build brand awareness. More qualifid clicks Your ads use the latest data from your product fed, so the clicks you receive are more likely to result in an action.

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No delay in ad creation The creation of ads no longer poses a problem of delays! Templates can be creatd in minutes. How to create a AWB Directory Contextual Dynamic Ads campaign? This new tool offerd by Google is relatively simple to set up. Create a campaign on Google Display by choosing “Contextual Targeting” ads Launch a new ad then use the display ad builder Select Product Showcase Choose the “dynamic ad for one product, several presentations” template If you want to adopt this new technique for your Display campaigns, do not hesitate to contact our Adwords experts.

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