where you can get to know the sponsor

where you can get to know the sponsor

Rosso: startup committed to fighting the blood shortage emergency in Italy; Colori age: social tailoring workshop, with its heart in training; Global Shapers Community: network of young people committed to creating a positive impact in their city; These three realities, together with the mentors, participants and sponsors who accompanied us, represented the beating heart of the Share ME Challenge.

What the community says

The event ended a few days ago, but many messages have already  Philippines WhatsApp Number Data arrived directly from those who participated, with words that reach straight to our hearts. You can find some of them here, but we would like to thank everyone who was there and took part in the event, making Share ME Challenge sharing, training and passion. Messages from those who participated in the Share ME Challenge Some messages from our community Some messages from our community.

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And Drinks and Koro Among

A “thank you” goes to our partners We cannot forget those who accompanied AWB Directory us during the Challenge, contributing to its realization. Our partners and sponsors embraced the mission of our event and supported the participants 360° during the three days of the event. A special “thank you” goes to: Mocha Café And Drinks – helped recharge the energy of the participants for the entire duration of the event; Koro and innocent drinks – supported the participants’ work with their products; Yammer’s – collaborated with Marketing Espresso in creating a special edition of cereals, given to Share ME Challenge participants; Bernabe – accompanied us during the aperitif and networking moment at the end of each day of the event.

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