We survived and continue to work

On february 24, the life of every ukrainian was divided into “before” and “after” – war came into our lives. What seemed unthinkable to all of us has already become routine. Every day our hometowns are bombed by russian troops, every day thousands of ukrainians die from enemy shells and bombs. Part of the country ended up in the hands of the aggressor – kherson, genichesk, novaya kakhovka – all these cities were occupied by the russian army in the first days of the war. Therefore, Wezom company was born and raised in kherson. Over the course of 22 years, we have gone from a small web studio to a large it holding company with offices in the usa and europe. They live and work in shelters, despite daily enemy shelling. Today wezom is doing its best to stay afloat and keep its country afloat.

We fulfill our obligations

In addition, Our office is open almost every day, our specialists are working. We do not give up, and in these difficult times we have something to be proud of. We saved the team the fighting plunged the company’s processes into chaos for several days. Our main priority was the physical well-being of people. I’m happy because all our team members are alive and safe. We helped with relocation to everyone who needed it. Despite the uncertainty and predictable outflow Phone Number List of applications, we have resisted the temptation to downsize. On the one hand, we are really sorry to lose our cool specialists. On the other hand, in war conditions, i consider “accounting” thinking inapplicable. In addition, The state of the ukrainian economy. Directly depends on the preservation of jobs, and the prospect of ukraine’s victory in the war with russia depends on the state of the economy. Now more than ever it is important to pay people.

We help others We survived

However, We have not laid off a single person and do not plan to do so. As of today, any personnel decisions are frozen. We fulfill our obligations there is nothing worse than giving in to circumstances and letting down the people who count on you. Even in the darkest early days of the war, our team continued to work on projects whenever possible, and we fulfill our obligations to our clients and partners, no matter what. We have employees who have moved into shelters AWB Directory and are literally writing code under enemy bombs.

There are people who, due to the front-line situation, have rearranged their schedule and write code at night. However, Today wezom has about 20 projects in its work . We support existing products and create new ones. Almost all specialists completed their relocation and returned to full-time work. Even our office in kherson is now open . There are those for whom the office environment allows them to escape from scary news headlines and focus on tasks. We help others in war conditions, no one wants to feel powerless; it is important to remember that a lot depends on us. 

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