Twitter Is Going Through Changes. How Can They Impact Brands?

Twitter Is Going Through Changes. How Can They Impact Brands?


The saga of billionaire Elon Musk’s Twitter purchase, which has dragged on for several months, has finally happened. Musk has already stated that, once he takes over the social network, he will lay off 75% of its employees and it has already started with the CEO and other executives.

On the other hand, Twitter has announced several new features in recent months to attract the attention of users, who seem to be losing interest in the microblogging service.

In the midst of so much news, it remains for us, Marketing professionals, to know how these changes will impact the brands that are present on this social network, whether advertising or creating content.

Latest news from Twitter

Following the wave of other social networks, Twitter has been announcing news so as to not be left behind. Among the changes, in testing or already available, are the:

Ability to switch 

between chronological or algorithmic feeds.

Possibility to create cell phone lists multimedia tweets, with photos, videos and gifs.

Built-in Twitter podcast player.

New edit button for tweets.

These novelties respond to old requests from users of the platform or trends identified on other social networks. For brands, they can represent great opportunities to create content and stand out.

Impact for Brands

Despite the roller coaster that Twitter is on right now, brands need to understand what makes sense for their audience and their Marketing strategy.

If your audience is on Twitter, it’s probably worth continuing to invest in creating content for that channel. And the new features announced by the company can AWB Directory be leveraged according to the goals that brands want to achieve on the network.

Always try to keep up with metrics and test new formats. Compare with the results you have on other social networks to understand the real impact of Twitter on the final numbers. If the impact is positive, considering the investment made, there is no reason to give up on the platform anytime soon.

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