Today we want to share some best practices

Today we want to share some best practices

The ME Plus platform we hosted Massimo Giacchino. addressed the topic of micro-data analysis to define an effective editorial plan. BY ELISA PERGOLINI DIGITAL, MARKETING, SOCIAL MEDIA Micro-data Table of Contents. How to define an editorial plan through micro-data First, what is micro-data? And why are they useful for the editorial plan? And how can we do it.

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But here are some step. Do you want to Korea WhatsApp Number Data delve deeper into the topic? Don’t feel like reading? Try listening to the article in audio mode  Voiced. Amazon Polly We recently hosted Massimo Giacchino on our ME plus platform to talk to him about the importance of micro-data for defining an editorial plan. And today, let’s do a little recap How to define an editorial plan. through micro-data .In a recent webinar that we held within our premium community.

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Marketing Espresso Plus, we had the pleasure of hosting AWB Directory Massimo Giacchino, author of Design Marketing and Audience Personas. Together we saw how to use micro-data to develop. A content strategy and To delve deeper into the topic and learn about the practical examples and useful tools that were shar during the workshop, you can catch up on the live broadcast. subscribing to this link here.

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