To use TV as an

To use TV as an

On the occasion of World Television Day, we analyzed the first brands to appear on TV. Let’s discover them together! BY MARTINA CURATI CASE STUDIES, COMMUNICATION, MARKETING. The first brands appeared on TV Table of Contents 1941: The first commercial ever on TV TV and the economic boom 1949: Vitamix airs the first teleshopping 1950: Coca Cola on TV during Thanksgiving 1955. The first English commercial Italian TV: the Cariello L’Oréal: A character for you with Mike Buongiorno Conclusion Don’t feel like reading. Try listening to the article in audio mode Voiced by Amazon Polly. Have you ever wondered which were the first companies advertising medium.

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Today, November 21, 2023, is the Canada Phone Number Data twenty-seventh World Television Day, established in 1996 by the UN. And for the occasion we chose to celebrate the first brands to appear on TV. It’s now almost a century since this instrument was born and slowly began to enter people’s homes. In fact, the first electronic television was created in 1927. But we have to wait until the 1950s to see it enter almost every home in the Western world and then expand. The rest of the world. It officially arrived in Italy a few years later, in 1954, when Rai programming began. Brands did not immediately use this medium to advertise, given the lack of popularity it had during the first years.

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It was a press release advertising Bulova watches. The commercial AWB Directory lasted just 10 seconds and consisted of a still image of the profile of the United States with a stylized image of the Bulova watch above it. The company was also the first to do a radio commercial. Therefore, about 15 years earlier. First television commercial for the Bulova company Towards the end of the commercial, a voice-over could be heard declaring ”America runs on Bulova Time”. A simple claim, but certainly impactful. A curiosity about this commercial is that only 9 dollars were enough to create and broadcast it, corresponding to.

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