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Transfer the rejection of this offer to the Treasury in conjunction with the. Ministry of Labor he adds. In the last few hours there has been an exchange of statements between the Ministries of Labor and Finance . From the department headed by Vice President Yolanda showed their. To the point that deep discomfort with the ministry in the hands of María Jesús Montero. Labor accuses Montero of having resolved in record time. The labor conflicts in the socialist ministries (Justice and Social Security have been the most notorious) and, on the other hand, blocking the one that exists in Labor, in the hands of Unidas Podemos. 

Rejection of Montero's proposal

In this context, the unions have unanimously rejected the proposal , which contemplated the incorporation of more personnel in the next three years. To the point Whatsapp Number List that an extraordinary productivity of six million euros, but which does not foresee a new relationship of job. for the body, one of the main demands of the protests. Gándara explained that the Public Service offer – the department dependent on the Treasury that manages public employment  is a useless patch” that has been unanimously rejected by the unions and the Ministry of Labor.

Union of Labor and Social Security

Inspectors through its president Ana Ercoreca , criticized the offer of personnel. Reinforcement that is already included in the public employment offer and pointed out that the six million in extraordinary productivity proposed by the. Treasury are already part of the budget assigned to the inspection.We don’t want something temporary, we want something. To the point that  commented AWB Directory Ercoreca, another member of this platform. But the point that has generated the most. Discontent is the decision not to include in the offer the updating of the list of jobs . The RPT functions as a kind of organizational chart that describes the jobs. Functions and remuneration of public employees.

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