To take a step forward

To take a step forward

Here various tools come into play to support us, such as: ‘Explore’ section Reels Hashtags Reshoring in stories Mentions Comments Each of these methods can help us get people to connect with us, making them part of our Follower Journey. What contents should you expect? Therefore, to make ourselves known to people in this first phase of awareness we can opt for contents that aim for virality and sharing, such as memes or Reel. We must therefore also provide other content that continues to be valuable and useful for those who follow us.

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Time and currently trending. At the same time, we must ensure that each Taiwan WhatsApp Number Data content has sufficient identity on a visual level, but also from the point of view of tone of voice. This will allow us to make ourselves recognizable from the first contact. If in this stage of our journey we provide interesting content for users, they will interact with us, until they visit our profile. Well, it’s time to get into the heart of the second phase of the Follower Journey. Second phase: people evaluate us This is a crucial moment for us. We attracted people’s curiosity. At the same time, however, it is important to keep in mind that this content is aimed at a narrow niche of our community: those who are willing to buy from us.

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Now, if they find other valuable content in line with AWB Directory their expectations, they will become our followers. the construction of a relationship will begin where the contents will be our voice to dialogue with them. The second phase of the Follower Journey, in fact, involves the following steps: followership, relationship creation and loyalty. What contents should you expect? At a content level we can no longer exclusively predict content with a viral impact, such as Reels, memes or real time topics. It’s important by providing valuable content for our new followers. It’s time to think about richer and more elaborate content, such as carousels, which give depth to our profile. Furthermore.

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