Them thanks to a lot of irony

Them thanks to a lot of irony

At this point he takes a box of spaghetti and hides it behind his back as he heads towards the living room. He finds his wife welcoming him in the company of other friends who greet him. The commercial ends with him biting into the box, causing his wife to laugh. The objective of these commercials, thanks also to a rethinking of the marketing department, was to associate with the idea of returning home and family. In fact, this commercial was follow similar ones that referrer to the same concept. It was a global campaign and this commercial was also broadcast abroad with the aim of showing how Italian families choose Barilla.

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Only the claims were change based on the country, for example in Netherlands Phone Number Data America it was “The Choice of Italy”. “Where there is Barilla there is home” is the final claim of this 1985 commercial. Barilla Bronze: Lady & The Tramp What scene could be more suitable to represent pasta than the kiss with spaghetti in Lady and the Tramp? It is no coincidence that Barilla chose to recreate this scene, in a humanized version, to promote the Bronze pasta line and to celebrate the centenary of Disney. The commercial revisits the scene of the two lovers who go to Tony’s restaurant where, in this case, the starred chef Davide Olden decides to give him a single plate of spaghetti.

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When creating the commercial, Barilla took inspiration from a study AWB Directory according to which family, friends and food are consider of considerable importance for people, not only in Italy but also globally. The claim is “A classic with a new intensity” which manages to celebrate both the classic and iconic scene represented in a new way, and the reference to the Al Bronzo pasta line which describes it as a new experience, thanks to the translation to bronze which gives the pasta a rough texture. Heinz: #BastaPasta We have already seen how Heinz manages to create memorable branding campaigns and among these we also find the #BastaPasta campaign.

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