The world for years for charity

The world for years for charity

The campaign was a great success, and was the first of a long, long series. Coca-Cola advertisement from the 1930s The collaboration between Sundblom and Coca-Cola lasted until 1964 and gave the brand many depictions of Santa Claus: intent on reading the letters written by children while sipping a Coca-Cola or resting after a long day at work. Also accompanied by slogans with a great impact with the aim of strengthening the link between the brand and the imagery of Santa Claus, such as: “Bring home the Coke” Coca-Cola “Bring home the Coke” campaign (1930s) The Coca-Cola Truck But when we talk about Christmas, it is impossible not to mention the very famous Coca-Cola truck: a red Christmas truck that has been bringing the brand to the streets all over

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Initially appearing only in commercials, Coca-Cola’s iconic Christmas Hong Kong Phone Number Data Truck has over time become a reality. The initiative is in fact part of the project that Coca-Cola has been supporting for some years: to help the Food Bank in collecting meals for all the poor and needy people, spreading concrete help to those who need it most. Here’s a commercial from the 90s Coca-Cola – Commercial 1995 The truck also appears in the latest campaign, driven by Santa Claus. The commercial, in fact, ends with his passage through the city, making room for the final sentence: “The world needs more Santa Claus” A short and concise sentence, which makes Coca-Cola’s communicative intent clear.

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we can say that the new commercial shows how much Coca-Cola is attentive to AWB Directory the theme of kindness and altruism, two of its founding values. And the brand demonstrates this every year with its Christmas campaigns, which focus on people’s stories and emotions, going beyond the simple representation of the product. If you want to learn more about our articles you can find them here Deepen your knowledge of social media marketing with: CATEGORIES Case Studies, Marketing, Social Media RECOMMENDED READING Types of content to publish to grow your brand What is a Call To Action and how to best use it RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS Content Creation Learn to ideate, plan and create effective content panels History Saved 5,000 character limit.

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