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Big 3 Conversion Killers, if you haven’t read that already, take a moment and read it because it will teachhave basics of good opt-in form and landing page design. In this post, we’re taking it one step further by improving of your opt-in offer. Your Opt-in Offer in the Spotlights First of all, if you’re reading this article, you’re already a big step ahead of a lot of websites.

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To get visitors to opt in to your list, you need to create a compelling opt-in offer. To make sure your efforts of creating it are not in vain, you need to Italy B2B List make sure you represent the opt-in offer in the most compelling way. You only get a fraction of a second before your visitor decides to close the light box without opting in or to leave your landing page. An image is processed 60 000 times faster by the brain.

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Your opt-in offer will do most of the heavy lifting in convincing somebody to subscribe. All of the opt-in forms above are having something in common: they have an interesting opt-in offer, but they’re using images that don’t represent this offer very well. In fact, just by looking at the form, you’d never know if the offer is for an e-book, a video course, an audio file or AWB Directory something totally different. If you use a tool like Thrive Leads, placing an image in your opt-in form is easy.

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