The possible consequences of advanced

The possible consequences of advanced

The more we know about AI. The more we can take advantage of it in a strategic way. This post aims to show you different types of Artificial. The possible consequences Intelligence and how they can be applied.Of course, this will not happen (maybe), but the idea is that machines can be as intelligent as they are portrayed in the movies.

Reactive Machines Among

Still, it is important to be careful when developing ASIs. reasoning ability require meticulous analysis. Therefore, the C Level Contact List work has to be gradual and always conducted responsibly. The types of Artificial Intelligence, reactive machines are the oldest and simplest. They are an introductory model and have a far more limited capacity than the models presented so far. Its role is straightforward: to reproduce human behavior when stimulated, that is, to perform reactively. Since they have no memory, these machines cannot learn and manage an internal database to work with their input. They only have a response function. This limitation, however, does not prevent them from being useful in several contexts, even though they are slowly becoming outdated. IBM creation called Deep Blue. By the way, there is a great TED about this event.

Limited Memory Limited memory machines

C Level Contact List

Are, like the previous example, entirely reactive, but with the advantage that they have a small amount of memory available. This AWB Directory makes them more advanced since this characteristic allows them.The possible consequences to learn from data. That is, every time they are exposed to information, they can learn from that input.

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