The people in your

The people in your

This article we discover how to use Artificial Intelligence to run Marketing Campaigns and achieve the goal of Lead Generation. All thanks to Get Response’s new AI Campaign Generator. BY MARTA VANNELLI COMMUNICATION, DIGITAL, MARKETING Table of Contents First a premise: what we mean by follower journey What is a lead? From social media to leads How. This is where Artificial Intelligence comes in How does Get Response work? Step 1: Personalize the message Step 2: Set the right look for your business Conclusions Don’t feel like reading.

Turn them into leads

Try listening to the article in audio mode Voice by Amazon Polly If Turkey WhatsApp Number Data you manage a brand and are carrying out a social media marketing strategy Creating and sharing content is just the first step. The real objective is to accompany community to become leads Who could then become potential customers (prospects) and, finally. real ambassadors of the brand. In this, Artificial Intelligence can help you with lead generation. Email marketing – in this sense – remains a very powerful tool even today. In fact, starting from a content marketing strategy we can integrate newsletters and automations to accompany the potential customer on their follower journey in a strategic, personalize and efficient way. And Artificial Intelligence offers us a huge hand here. First a premise: what we mean by follower journey The follower journey is the journey that people in our community take when they come into contact with our brand.

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Prospects and subsequently customers

It is very important to know the phases of this journey well. Because AWB Directory doing so allows us to strategically Especially if. We use social media as the main awareness and acquisition channel. It will be important to subsequently define a lead generation strategy to create “contacts” starting from your own community. What is a lead? A lead. is any person who has shown interest in our products or services Without having completed a purchase. Social media can be the main vehicle for lead generation. In fact, compared to other “colder” channels, if we carry out an effective content. and community management strategy. we can make those followers so involve in our brand that it will be much easier.

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