For your readers to hit reply

For your readers to hit reply

You do not always need to find new and exciting stuff to send to your audience. Talk about your experiences, your opinions, your clients’ achievements,… Everybody loves a good story. As long as you’re clear about the feeling you want to trigger and the action you want people to take after reading, you’ll.

Find something interesting to

Tell! If you want to see some great examples of just how powerful this storytelling type of email can be, check out Andre Chaperon’s stuff. Pull The Luxembourg B2B List Trigger To make this even more actionable, here are some things you can send to your audience based on the feelings you want to trigger: Motivation – Desire – Enthusiasm – Hope Send a before and after success story: this can be a story of one of your clients.

This can be pretty simple.

Just keep in mind the following rules: One Thing and One Thing Only You should only have one call to action in your email. What’s most important?  to the email? Or for them to follow you on Facebook? Choose one action par email. Be Super Specific You want your readers to comment on your blog post? Ask AWB Directory them a specific question and you’ll get more answers.

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