The brand has created a Limited

The brand has created a Limited

Questline wears Crocs For many years, the brand’s notoriety was dictate by disparaging jokes about the aesthetics of the shoes. The challenge for the brand was therefore to be able to overturn common opinion. But Crocs, a company founded in 2002, was not created to satisfy the typical traditional taste; rather it is a type of sea shoe. Yet, over the years, it has also become an icon in the world of fashion, albeit criticized and insulted. Now we are witnessing a real trend, perhaps dictated by a series of partnerships aimed at repositioning the brand in the collective imagination. So, let’s see together some of the collaborations that Crocs has carried out! Crocs x Shrek Available for purchase.

Shocking pink and lots of glitter

Together with DreamWorks, Edition collection of the Shrek-shaped Laos Phone Number Data hoof, with the characteristic green of the ogres and furry straps that recall the character’s vest. To decorate them, the detachable pendants with Shrek’s ears and nose! Crocs Shrek The target? Obviously giving more visibility to the brand and providing new products based on current trends. Because as we know, nostalgia marketing has worked in recent years and revisiting products from our childhood are coming back into fashion. Crocs x Barbie Following the same logic, why miss the opportunity to ride the wave of Barbie’s success? A viral collaboration is that of Barbie Crocs, launched after the release of the film. Again to change its

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Company launched five models strictly

Each shoe can then be personalized with themed charms and pins. Crocs AWB Directory Barbie Crocs x Balenciaga Perhaps the collaboration that has caused the most talk, partly due to the association with a luxury brand with a wild and unconventional positioning, partly due to the particularity of the shoe itself. We talked about it in depth in this article here, but since then the collaboration has continued, moving from heeled Crocs to the “platform” ones, below. Balenciaga Crocs A partnership isn’t worthy of mention and virality if it isn’t worn  some celebrity in important situations, right? So here is Justin Bieber on the red carpet of the 2022 Grammys with in

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