To change the perception that consumers have of a brand, a valid tool is that of collaborations. That’s what Crocs does BY ELISA PERGOLINI CASE STUDIES, MARKETING Table of Contents So do we like Crocs now? Crocs x Shrek Crocs x Barbie Crocs x Balenciaga Crocs x Levi’s Crocs x KFC Crocs x Drew House Crocs x Chiara Ferring Conclusion Don’t feel like reading? Try listening to the article in audio mode Voiced by Amazon Polly Well yes, the perception that we consumers have of a brand can be changed, improved or even distorted by dint of unexpected co-branding but with the potential for virality. Just like Crocs is doing.

A fashionable pair of shoes

We know that at the basis of an optimized marketing strategy Kuwait Phone Number Data there must always be a clear positioning in mind. Whether it is based on the functional benefits of the product, or wants to leverage something symbolic, UVP can never be missing. Sometimes, however, the positioning desired by the brand does not always coincide with what is actually perceive the consumer. In short, no one would like to be perceive as an “ugly” brand… Yet, this is what happened to several brands; in this case we talk about footwear and remember the trend of “ugly shoes”, such as Birkenstock or Crocs. The famous “comfortable but ugly” shoes.

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The good news? Consumers’ perception of a brand can be change you can AWB Directory move away from your current positioning and reach a better one through effective campaigns. For example, Birkenstock exploited its weakness to make it a strength instead. In partnership with The New York Times it launched the “Ugly for a reason” campaign with the aim of raising awareness about foot care and the importance of using comfortable shoes to preserve your health. Ugly for a reason campaign In other cases, however, the perceptions of others can be exploit  resorting to co-branding. As Crocs is doing lately to be perceive more and more as a “trendy” and “cool” brand.

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