Recent Developments With AI-Writing Assistants: Can They Actually Benefit Human Writers?


In the last couple of weeks, the launch of a new AI writing tool has sparked an uproar on the web for the content producer community. We’re talking about Lex, the latest AI writing app that has surprised users.

The fact is that all this commotion has rekindled some controversies around these tools. After all, what can we expect from the future of AI-generated content?

Unlike older content-generating software, AI writing assistants can develop advanced skills through artificial intelligence, proposing topics or even full texts from user-provided inputs. These capabilities have been around since early 2010 and have been increasingly developing through machine learning, neural network recognition, cognitive analysis, and natural language processing.

Lex, the most recent solution on the market, was developed and released by Every on October 16th. As demonstrated by its Lex offers friendly usability with a layout very similar to Google Docs but with features that shock even the experts among us.  

Will AI-Writing Assistants Replace Human Writers?

Since the industrial revolution, we have been worried about machines replacing humans. We have seen machines replacing humans in endless operational activities. Nowadays, we have robots vacuuming houses or even facing (and even debunking) chess masters.

On the other hand, these changes telephone list biz have generated new demands dependent on the human mind, and both machines and robots continue needing a little help from humans, whether to give the first commands or to “refine” the final result.

In the AI-writing case, the robot delivers insights according to your ideas.

And what does Google say about AI writing assistants?

As a writer or copywriter, you must know the famous “writer’s block”, which refers to those moments when you are trying to reach for new ideas, but nothing in the “box” reaches back out at you. These can cause you frustration and fatigue and often provokes a persistent existential crisis, making you believe you’re totally incapable.

Then I call you back to AWB Directory Lex’s slogan, “Unlock your best writing.” Honesty, as an SEO professional, I see AI writing tools as an ally of writers providing significant productivity.

We should use artificial intelligence as an ally in our writing process. But don’t forget you need to ensure the reader’s happiness. So, remember you are the owner of the content. 

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