Real Story Group launches

Real Story Group launches

One thing every marketer wants to know is how effective their marketing is. A new, free tool from independent analyst firm Real Story Group is designed to show them just that. Tony Byrne, president of RSG (and a contributor), said the tool came about because marketing executives reported getting an increasing number of questions about effectiveness. “And it’s not just always a simple ROI story like return

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Or our ROI of our personalization,” he said. It’s more like, OK, we’ve spent a lot of money building a b2b email list stack. How optimal is it? Are we actually good in terms of how we actually act? How good are we in terms of executing? I think there’s a rising unease that, to paraphrase something we said in the old ad world days, ‘Half my stack might be wasted. I just don’t know which half.’” So RSG decided to come up with a more

Structured way to

b2b email list

Assess and compare it against that of other companies. Built atop RSG’s “RealScore” platform, the tool is a 15-minute survey for AWB Directory enterprise leaders to quickly self-assess within five key categories: Operations, content, data, decisioning and technology. Users then get a numeric “effectiveness score” within and across those dimensions, as well as comparisons against the industry at large. While it is free for anyone to use,

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