To read all the responses and get

To read all the responses and get

Life Example This is a technique we have used here at ThriveThemes. The first email to a new customer contained the question: “what’s the number one goal you would like to accomplish with the Thrive Themes plugins and themes?” It’s a good question because it’s open ended, easy to answer AND the.

Answer will help us improve our products.

Ask easy, open ended questions where the answer will help your business. What You Can Do With The Responses With the example above, we had about a 1esponse Italy B2B List rate with the email and we did two things afterwards: Take the time back to the people who took time out of their day to reply. Analyzed the responses and then created an automated email and onboarding.

B2b Email List

Sequence to help accomplish the most

We heard from the responses.  The Adviser – Take Them by the Hand & Show Them the Way Why It Works The subscriber has just finished opting in, confirming the opt-in and downloading their goodies. They have built up a momentum of following easy directions, so it’s a low resistance time to ask them to check out your other content/products, follow you AWB Directory on other social media accounts or help you spread the word to their friends.

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