Over the years this bottle has become one

Over the years this bottle has become one

The Nutella glass symbol of pop culture. Let’s shift our attention from the characteristic. aroma of the most famous hazelnut spread. Cream in the world. and focus on its packaging, in which a timeless principle is engrave reuse. The Nutella jar has always been conceived as a reusable glass, embellish with simple and lively graphics. But let’s start from the origins. industrial design, but its evolution has not stopped.

These glasses were intend not

In the 80s and 90s, Nutella proposed an initiative that captured the New Zealand WhatsApp Number Data imagination of many: the collector’s glass. Through special series dedicated to cartoon characters, such as the Smurfs, Duffy Duck and Willy the coyote, Nutella has sparked a real. Collecting craze. Only to contain the famous chocolate and hazelnut cream but also to be use as common water glasses. Bringing the brand into people. Over the years, this bottle has become one of the most emblematic examples.

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Adapt to market needs and create an

Everyday lives. In 2013, the  campaign allowed consumer. to personalize AWB Directory jars with their own name, creating a personal connection with the product. In 2014, on the occasion of its fiftieth anniversary, Nutella introduced limited edition 1 kg jars with a commemorative design. Consolidating the image of the product as iconic and always current. Nutella has continued to innovate. cocoa bean, to stand out from the imitations that were popping up like mushrooms. The engineer Earl R. Dean, In charge of this difficult mission, was inspire this shape, creating the characteristic bottle with distinct contours, narrow neck and rounded base.

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