On the occasion of Valentine’s Day

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day

We interviewed the person who created these illustrations, Antonio Colomboni, who contributed to a change of direction after 102 years. Here’s what he told us! Interview with Antonio Colomboni Who is Antonio Hi Antonio and first of all nice to meet you! Would you like to introduce yourself to those who read us and tell us a little about yourself? Hello readers of Marketing Espresso, the pleasure is all mine! My name is Antonio Colomboni, aka ScombinAnto on social networks, and I have been dealing with illustration and art direction for more than 10 years. I am originally from the Marche region, but have been living permanently in Milan since 2012. I work as an illustrator for various brands, ranging from packaging to social advertising.

This collaboration is special because it has the power

How the collaboration with Baci Perugina was born How did your collaboration with Baci Perugina come about? Is this your first collaboration with such an important company? The collaboration was born when Baci Perugina wrote to me: I was contacted directly by the company and there was a great connection right away! I have already had experience  Germany Whatsapp with important brands in the past, but never with such an iconic brand and an integral part of Italian history, but also of advertising and design. What was the request made by Baci Perugina in the brief? What did he want to accomplish with you? The request was precisely to create a Limited Edition for Valentine’s Day, which reflected love in my very colourful, pop and fun way. But at the same time also leaving space for beautiful messages to share with the public. Our intent was to talk about love in a generic way, therefore not including only that between two individuals.

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But also representing the love of friendship

For one’s pets and for oneself. Love in all its nuances! Inspiration and value of collaboration What and where does your inspiration come from in telling and celebrating love at 360° in the illustrations you create? My inspiration comes from anything: I’m always a sponge at this. Inspiration can come to me while I’m at the bar having a coffee, or while AWB Directory walking down the street with my favorite music in my ears. But also when I leaf through magazines at a newsstand, or when I watch a good film at the cinema. For this work with Baci Perugina I took a lot of inspiration from everyday life. And from an awareness: the love that I see around me, and that is around each and every one of us, has a thousand different facets and not just one. What do you believe is the greatest value brought by this collaboration? What makes it so special?

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