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From social media to leads Social media – if managed strategically and with SMART objectives – represent an excellent starting point for making yourself known, stimulating the consideration of followers and turning them into real leads. This process begins with the creation of an editorial plan that takes into consideration all the needs of your target audience and that is of value for the brand itself. Once this is done we will have to reiterate these steps by setting up a content strategy with a community-building perspective without forgetting to do lead generation.

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How? Optimizing your social page: elements such UK WhatsApp Number Data as an eye-catching bio, links in bio, featured stories, profile image and quality content are essential; By structuring a varied editorial strategy oriented towards SMART objectives (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Temporal) By creating a lead magnet: i.e. free and valuable content such as a PDF guide offered in exchange for the potential customer’s contact information (name, surname, email, mobile number…) By setting up a landing page, i.e. an online page containing all the information about your brand, product and/or service and why people should leave their contacts and a lead form (contact form) Basically, from the contents shared on social media, people land on a page of a website email in exchange.

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It’s a bit like a marriage proposal: you need a lot of courtship AWB Directory before proposing the ring to your potential client. This is where Artificial Intelligence comes in Artificial Intelligence tools are transforming the way we relate to social media marketing, making digital campaigns more efficient and personalized. They also allow us to simplify, speed up and optimize many activities: among these the setting up of lead generation campaigns. For example, on GetResponse, in addition to planning classic email marketing campaigns, creating mailing lists, automating responses through workflows, creating landing pages and doing A/B testing, with the new OpenAI integration you can create campaigns in a very short time ! So here’s how to

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