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Using as an example the company in the cleaning sector that I invented in the first content of this series , the rich materials could be: Mini course teaching how to remove odors from sportswear; A lively playlist to turn cleaning into a party; E-book with delicious and practical recipes, which are easy to clean up afterwards. These are rich materials that will “populate” capture pages ( landing pages ) so you don’t miss any opportunity to convert the visitor into a lea.

How to create a Digital Marketing plan for your

Flua landing page This is how the relationship begins through a personal channel, given by the lead of their own free will when they see value in what your brand shared. In the case of the cleaning company, persuasive writing (copywriting) combined with an new database  incredible design to offer e-books with tips on how to eliminate sources of allergies in a home, would be a way to provide rich materials that would open doors to nurturing the lead through email marketing.

Step by step to create a successful blog

Create landing pages Landing page (or “entry page”, translated from English) is a page that highlights the reward that the lead will receive, leaving in exchange their name, email address and other information of interest to your company — requested through a form. for example. It is important to remember that, as well as top and middle funnel landing pages , which are more focused  on collecting information, there are also bottom-of-funnel landing pages , which are more focused on AWB Directory closing sales — fundamental to Inbound Marketing strategies focusing on B2C mainly.

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