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Like all new things, at the beginning it was a real fiasco but, attempt after attempt, success came and it was surprising. Thanks to Harry Reichenbach, Walt’s friend and owner of the Colony Theater. The short film was shown for two weeks in a row and was used as an intro in the film Gang War. This officially marked the beginning of Walt Disney’s success. Steamboat Willie: Trivia The real story and curiosity of the short film Steamboat Willie is that it was not the first sound short but the first that attracted the attention of the public.

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The weekly magazine Variety criticized the screening thus: “Not the France Phone Number Data first cartoon with synchronized audio, but certainly the first to attract attention. It combines a certain degree of inventive spirit with sound effects. The union generated uncontrollable laughter. At the Colony the laughter came so fast that the spectators were almost falling over each other.” At first, the orchestra had some difficulty matching the sound to the actions perfectly. So a bouncing ball was introduce to mark time (in the final version, it was remove). The short film receive some criticism relate to the exploitation of animals because some of them were use as tools by Mickey Mouse. In fact, it is said that 30 seconds of animation were remove because it contained scenes of cruelty.

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The music played by Minnie and Mickey through the animals was AWB Directory actually a very famous copyright-free folk song from the 19th century, Turkey Straw. To underline the importance that the short film had in history and to highlight its ability to revolutionize reproductions to this day, LEGO dedicated up to a set to it. The evolution of Mickey Mouse and his fame After briefly describing the true story of Mickey Mouse, we continue to analyze his image. How does Mickey Mouse change over time? What do the comics that Walt Disney and Up iWork’s created tell us? In the first shorts, Mickey Mouse was.

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