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Want to know some of the most memorable Black Friday campaigns from past years? Then you can’t miss this article! BY SOFIA ZANDARIN CASE STUDIES Table of Contents When does “Marketers Halloween” begin? The Fantastic 4 (+1) The most… sexy The most… improvised The most… convincing The most… sadistic The most… trending Black Friday: yes or no? Don’t feel like reading? Try listening to the article in audio mode  Voiced by Amazon Polly The busiest time of the year for anyone involved in marketing has arrived: Black Friday. Yes, we know, you will probably have heard the sound of thunder after reading the name of that anniversary which could be in the worst nightmares of those who have chosen the career path of marketing.

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We also know that, like every year, you no longer know what to Belgium Phone Number Data invent for your customers, so what better help than an article that contains some of the best Black Friday campaigns from the latest themes? Continue reading: we are sure that these ideas will be useful to you! When does “Marketers Halloween” begin? Maybe we exaggerated a little, but Black Friday inspires a certain fear. Among the recurring characters of this period we can distinguish three: the one who wants to do it because everyone does it, the one who wants something memorable and the one who is the “denier” of the moment. You won’t believe it, but this anniversary now has a century of history behind it.

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Its birth can be traced back to 1924, when the famous Macy’s store AWB Directory chain started a real “Christmas shopping parade”. Initially it involved physical shops but, with the advent of the online world, it spread like wildfire. The Fantastic 4 (+1) Here are five campaigns created for Black Friday that we have selected and commented on. Will they help you overcome this difficult moment of the year? We really hope so! The most… sexy Can the right purchase even make you sexier? Apparently the Yeti also succeeded, leaving everyone speechless, so we can say yes! In this 2022 Amazon campaign the leverage is powerful: Black Friday purchases make you attractive. So not just Christmas gifts for others, but how about giving yourself that gift you’ve been putting off for a long time to feel better? The most… improvised Well yes, it really looks like a video.

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