It all starts from

It all starts from

Coca-Cola has launched a new Christmas advert, which celebrates the “Santa Claus” hidden in all of us. Find out more in this article. BY PAOLO GALANO CASE STUDIES, MARKETING. SOCIAL MEDIA Table of Contents The new Coca-Cola campaign: “Anyone can be Santa” The Coca-Cola commercial the message. The connection between Santa Claus and Coca-Cola It all starts from. Try listening to the article in audio mode Voiced by Amazon Polly In recent days Coca Cola has launched a new Christmas-themed commercial. The target? Show that in every person there is a hidden “Santa Claus”, who can give smiles and kindness to those around us.

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The new Coca-Cola campaign: “Anyone can be Santa” Anyone can Greece Phone Number Data be Santa Claus. Who says that? Coca Cola! The most magical period of the year is near, and for the occasion Coca Cola has chosen to celebrate the kindness and goodness. That the moment of Christmas brings with it.with a campaign characterized by altruism and empathy towards next. The Coca-Cola commercial .The new 2023 advert was created by WPP Open X, and shows a city invaded by Santa Claus. Hundreds of Santa Clauses roaming the streets and busy with their daily lives Without forgetting – however – to help and support each other. As? With small gestures of great value, like the latest Coca-Cola offered to those who need it most.

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Here is the commercial Coca-Cola – Commercial 2023 the message AWB Directory The campaign continues by showing how the altruistic and kind actions of many Santa. Clauses have an effect on other people too. Making them welcoming and kind to others Thus, a woman helps a man get on the subway. When the doors close. A boy surprises his family, bringing with him some gifts and a Christmas hat. The city is invaded by goodness, kindness and altruism. Because there is a bit of Santa Claus in each of us, and what better time to remember him? The connection between Santa Claus and Coca-Cola There are many who think. That there is an indissoluble bond between Coca-Cola and Santa Claus.


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