Sociology consists of the study of social order, which means the underlying regularity of human social behavior. It seeks to define the units of human social action and  INSTRUMENTALITY IN SOCIAL discover the pattern in the relationship between such units  to know how they are organiz into systems of action. In this context, this article aims to answer: what does the literature demonstrate about the Sociology of Knowledge.  It aims to promote reflection on the Sociology of Knowledge and its developments within the contemporary world. For this a bibliographic review was us  Petroleum Manufacturers Email Lists as a methodology. As results  it was inferr that socialization, the process of learning culture, by overcoming childhood dependence, leads to the internalization of society’s values ​​and objectives.

Final Considerations

Sociology, responding to the guiding question of this study, is being compell to interpret what is happening around the world at the time of globalization. It is being challeng to recover and develop its dialogue with other social sciences, bas on the recognition that global society is a capitalist, bourgeois society, of social classes and social groups, in which dominant classes and groups, or blocs. Develop of power of global reach, and subaltern classes and groups of global reach. The Sociology of Knowledge develops in the space that it tries to create between the extreme of a perception of knowledge as an impartial activity separate from the human world and the other extreme of the idea of ​​the fusion and total diminution of all forms of knowledge to the game of economic and political power.


Machado Neto adds that from the description of its theme. The link between the Sociology of Knowledge and other branches of Sociology has already become a truism.  If language involves a vision of the world and life it will  . Be difficult to distinguish the thematic scope of a sociological analysis of language and knowledge. Philosophy constitutes, in many ways, an invaluable contribution to the thematic formation of the Sociology of Knowledge. In various ways  it has illuminat in its own way. The problems of the social conditioning of ideas and systems of thought. By way of example. Pragmatism has  more insistently coincid AWB Directory     with the Sociology of Knowledge. By highlighting the vital function of thought and  its link to reality. To the thinker’s vital motivations and to his social framework.

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