How To Make A Video Resume A Practical Guide

How To Make A Video Resume A Practical Guide

With unemployment levels at historic highs, many people are facing layoffs and trying to figure out what’s next. Finding a new job can be a daunting task. It can be hard to know where to start, and even harder to know how long it will take. It can also be a struggle to try to stand out from thousands of candidates since you might be competing with talents that are affected by the recent tech layoff. Therefore, adopting a new type of application material. Video resumes, might be very eye-catching to many HRs. This article outlines all you need to know about this new resume format. Usually requested in addition to a written resume, a video resume is a short, recorded introduction in which job seekers can put a fact with their name for potential employers.

What Is A Video Resume

These short “blurbs” are typically less than ninety seconds and are growing in popularity. Industries with a strong customer-facing focus are more likely to request a video resume. Especially for roles like sales or communications. Where on-camera presence is key to success. With this new resume format come some concerns, however. HR departments are largely divided on the issue, with heated debate centering around the possibility of discrimination. Opponents of the C Level Executive List video resume cite concerns about appearance discrimination—taking into account the weight, gender, race, or even perceived “attractiveness” of candidates before considering their professional skills. Many still stand by the video resume. However, claiming that on-screen personality and camera-relevant tech skills are vital for success in remote, client-facing roles.

C Level Executive List

Video Resume vs Traditional Resume

If your prospective employer hasn’t specifically asked for a video resume. That doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t provide one. A traditional resume is still the standard, and an attractive resume outline that highlights your skills is a must. As a plus, however, adding on a video resume can make job seekers in the creative industry stand out. Media, fashion, marketing, tech, design, and other “creative” professionals should consider adding a short video resume to their application. While it may feel like a daunting undertaking, video resumes. And traditional resumes have more in common than not. For instance, regardless of the AWB Directory format, a solid resume outline is important to producing a well-structured presentation.

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