How to develop your store’s returns policy

How to develop your store’s returns policy

One of the concerns of consumers who buy online, in addition to payment methods or shipping costs, is usually the return policy. Sounds familiar to you, right? From the seller’s point of view, although everyone can decide and establish their conditions of sale, there are a series of legal regulations that stores, How to develop whether physical or online, have the duty to comply with before starting to send mass emails and launch other types of promotional campaigns. Likewise, having these commercial conditions defined in your e-commerce will not only guarantee the rights of consumers and your own, but also their correct management will lead to customer loyalty .

The best solution

For your customers to lose their fear of buying in your online store is through a legal policy, which you must include on your website in a clearly visible manner, as well Betting Email List as a cookie notice to give an image of transparency and security. This information must seek a balance between the interests of your business and those of your clients. Therefore, when writing a legal policy you must include information on both European regulations and other regulations that you consider relevant (not regulated) so that the message is as clear as possible and the user does not feel deceived. If you do not clarify in your returns policy that the consumer has those days to return the product at no cost, they may penalize you and extend the return period to 1 year.

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How to develop obligations that

You must take into account and write in your legal. Policy are those related to: 1) Guarantee All new. Products have a 2-year warranty, while for AWB Directory second-hand. Products it must be 1 year (although the seller or manufacturer of the. Product may stipulate another warranty based on that minimum required). On the other hand, in the event that the customer. Expects more than one package from your store, the return period will. Begin to be counted from the moment the customer receives the last package. . So specify which ones can and which ones cannot. Those that expire or cannot be resold due to hygiene, cannot be returned. 

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