hacking or playing RPG CRM esp on his PC-D2D, he’s already making a splash as a technical writer. From teaching his new desk mates all things HDMI and PSS DCCiF to wowing all his clients with articles that bring the joy of software, Eric gets content marketing and he gets B2B tech. When it comes to recruiting technical writers (in-house or agency), we believe you won’t want to miss someone like Eric on your team. We chatted with Eric about his writing workflow that creates happy content for his clients. Here’s his perspective, plus Eric’s three essentials for successful B2B technical writing that can’t be ignored:

Which format do you think will deliver

News-leaning videos have become a major strategy in the cybersecurity space, and cloud service providers typically get more clicks with tips-filled articles. The average enterprise IT solutions provider will notice that most of their visitors are on blog posts that explain technology and how it impacts the business world. Additionally, the cloud market loves infographics. Blogs: Beyond blogs, 5 types of content B2B tech companies need What is the most overlooked part of the B2B technical content creation process? Topic familiarity is more important in the B2B tech industry than in any other industry. If a blogger doesn’t understand the technology or its impact, readers will definitely be able to tell – a fact that only becomes more true when the industry is niche.

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Brainstorm and discuss with other writers

Brafton writers work in newsrooms that vary by industry, such as finance, health, education and lifestyle. Eric is a member of our Boston Business and Technology group, affectionately known to the team as “Bizology.” Being in a team of writers, rather than writing alone in a sea of ​​engineers, allows Eric and his colleagues to brainstorm, bounce ideas off each other, or simply ask “does this sound right?” The editing process . “We have headphones on all day long, but as we discuss products ranging from Salesforce to Microsoft, the headphones are constantly on and off with the ‘ cloud first, mobile first ‘ mantra to do what’s possible y become the next ‘as-a-service solution

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